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The Pcmen

Speeding Up Your Computer

Boost Your Computers Speed

   One of the biggest problems with computers today is their speed. No matter how good your computer is there will always be one day where you notice your computer doesnt go as fast as when you first bought it. There can be many reasons why this is:
1. Your hard drive is more than 85% full. When this happens your computer usually slows down. Clear space by taking away unused shortcuts and large programs you don't need.
2. You have too many programs running. If you see that your computer freezes when there are too many programs running then try to only use a few programs at a time. When your done with a program, it doesn't mean that your computer is. Put your mouse beside where your computers clock is and you'll see a list of programs that are running. Right click and select close or exit on the programs that your done with. Dont shut down virus protectors, or tasks schedulers as these need to be on all the time to run.
3. Your computer starts with too many programs running. When you start your computer many of the programs you have will start up even when you do not need them. You can stop them from starting my pressing the start button, clicking on run and typing in msconfig. You can stop all the programs you dont need by unchecking them at startup. (This is all under the startup tab.)
4. You have a virus. To see how to deal with these go to our virus page on the Navbar.
   We will try to add some more solutions to your slow computers solutions in the next few weeks. If none of the above work, then you may be looking at buying a new computer. (Try anything you possibly can before you buy a new computer.)
   I dont reccomend overclocking but if you want to find out how type overclocking in the google search engine, located at

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